Parts of a Plant and Functions With Worksheet Free Download

There are different types of plants around us. plants make food for water and sunlight, some plants are big some plants are small, and plants give us food, fresh and clean air, and things.

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This post will be very useful for you as names are mentioned with images for easy to understanding.

Parts of a Plant

The 5 main parts of a plant are roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Two types of plants around us indoor and outdoor plants

indoor plants are smaller and require little sunlight. outdoor plants must have sunlight, Boost moods Reduce stress and produce good oxygen.

parts of a plant


Flowers are colorful and good smell, they produce fruits and seeds

parts of a plant flower


Fruits are fleshy parts of the plant some fruits have seeds inside them

parts of a plant fruits


Leaves are mostly green color

parts of a plant leaves


Some plants are big with a hard strong stems. shrubs are smaller trees that have a Woody stem. herbs are soft green stems. Some plants have weak stems that can’t stand straight they grow ground it’s called grippers, climbers

parts of a plant stem


seeds are grown the new plant it takes a good amount of water, hair, and sunlight

parts of a plant Seeds


observe the water in the ground and take nutrients from the soil.

parts of a plant root

Parts of a Flower

parts of a plant flower

Plants are very important in life. Plants absorb carbon-di-oxide and give us oxygen, It gives us food for people and animals. No one can imagine a world without plants. So let’s protect these Plants

Worksheet for parts of a plant

worksheet for parts of a plant
worksheet for parts of a plant

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